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    FLY or DIE ?: Momma Dee ‘I Deserve” [Music Video]

    FLY or DIE ?: Momma Dee ‘I Deserve” [Music Video]

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    Heeeeere we go again, it seems these Love & Hip-Hop stars are definitely taking full advantage of their platform to bless, oops we mean subject us to their failed attempts at music. Momma Dee the self-proclaimed queen of her “Kingdom” is the next up to bat to take a swing at the music game, and boy does she strike out. (more…)

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    @ChrisRock, @RosarioDawson, @KevinHart4real & More Star In Top Five Co-Produced By @S_C_, @Questlove and @KanyeWest [Movie Trailer]

    Chris Rock  leads an all-star cast in the upcoming film Top Five, which is also co-produced by…

    1 10.17.14

    Adult Swim At New York Comic Con 2014

    There was definitely some black star power in the building this year at New York Comic Con. Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, For Better or Worse star Michael Jai White and singer Estelle were in the building to talk about their animated series at panels held by Cartoon Network.

    Adult Swim At New York Comic Con 2014

    Mike Tyson has become one of entertainments darlings, turning his life around for the better and becoming  quite the comedian. Iron Mike was on hand to talk about his upcoming cartoon series the Mike Tyson Mysteries. airing on Cartoon Network’s late night adult television block Adult Swim. The show puts a black spin with a comedic twist on Scooby Doo, instead of a talking dog Mike has a talking pigeon of course and a Asian daughter. Checkout the hilarious trailer for the show below.

    Looks pretty good, the show premieres October 27th 10:30am e/p. We are happy for Mike.

    Adult Swim At New York Comic Con 2014

    Michael Jai White who should be no stranger to the comic book world also was in attendance to talk about his show animated show Black Dynamite based off the blaxploitation film, which he also starred in. He was joined by fellow cast members Tommy Davidson, Kym Whitley, Byron Minns and Executive Producer Carl Jones . The animated series is currently in its second season and will premiere this Saturday, October 18th 10:30pm e/p.  The god folks at IGN caught up with the actor at Comic Con, peep the interview below.

    *Beanz speaking* I am a huge fan of this show, looking forward to the new season.


    We were extremely proud to find out that Estelle would be tackling her first voice over role in the hit cartoon series Steven Universe. Estelle plays the role of Garnet a mythical guardian in the cartoon. Marvel caught up with Estelle at Comic Con and she touched on working on the show and how she was casted for the role.
    More ABC news videos | ABC Health News

    Go Estelle go! You can catch ‘Steven Universe’ on Thursdays at 6:30 eastern/5:30 central on Cartoon Network.

    Source: IGN/ABC

    Shoutout: Cartoon Network/Adult Swim

    Images: Cartoon Network/Adult Swim

    FLY LIGHTS: @MikeTyson, @MichaelJaiWhite and @EstelleDarlings Attend New York Comic Con There was definitely some black star power in the building this year at New York Comic Con…


    You may have gotten on the train this past weekend, sat down, and saw some of your favorite superheroes, heroines, villains and television characters commuting with you. That’s only because it’s that time of the year when nerds, geeks, comic book enthusiast, gamers and television enthusiast converge on the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center for Comic Con.


    Produced and managed by ReedPOP, New York Comic Con was first started in 2006 with a total attendance of 33,000 people.It serves as place where comic book junkies can meet up buy memorabilia, rare comics, play video games and meet their favorite television characters.Last year New York Comic Con boasted an amazing 133,000 fans in attendance only second to then the more popular San Diego Comic Con. The picture above is a clear indication that they have even surpassed that number this year with an astounding 151,000 tickets sold surpassing San Diego Comic Con this year. The SFPL was invited to partake in the festivities this year, and we enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed all of the great costumes. Checkout some of our favorite cosplay participants below.


    Power Ranger costumes were very popular this year. It even helped that the original Green Ranger himself Jason David Frank (Tommy) was on hand. He would be very proud of this Green Ranger costume.


    This guy totally nailed Wolverine, if Hugh Jackman ever needs a stunt double we think we found a suitable one.


    The Joker’s sidekick Harley Quinn is another favorite amongst female cosplayers. This young lady’s take on the iconic DC villain was on point.


    We are sure we have some fly gals and gents who loved Sailor Moon growing up. If so we are sure you appreciate this take on Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon. Well Done!


    Batman will always be a fan favorite, it’s also the 75th anniversary of the “World’s Greatest Detective”. This Batman costume, drawing inspiration from The Dark Knight movies was boss!


    Even without the suit of armor this take on Tony Stark was great. #WeLike


    We found our Wonder Woman roaming the halls of Comic Con.



    It’s morphing time! #nycc #nycc14 #iforgotmypowercoinathome #mmpr #goldranger

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    Our photographer and fellow Fly Guy Beanz couldn’t resist and had to do it for the gram with the Gold Ranger. 


    Johnny Depp would love this female spin on his version of the Mad Hatter he portrayed in the Alice in Wonderland film.


    WE Loved this young lady in her Leeloo costume from blockbuster film ‘The Fifth Element’.


    Khaleesi from Game of Thrones  was another fan favorite amongst the ladies this year, this young lady nailed it and had her trusty dragon in hand.


    This voodoo priestess was great! 


    Our friend Estelle Darlings would absolutely approve this costume of her character Garnet and Steven Quartz from the hit Cartoon Network series Steven’s Universe.


    We couldn’t help but laugh at this guy dressed up as a monk worshiping Mother O. Oprah con coming soon.


    Legendary super soldier Solid Snake from the popular video game Metal Gear was on hand.

    We definitely enjoyed ourselves this year and was glad the good folks at Comic Con extended the invite our way. We will definitely be back next year for even more coverage and to capture the great costumes. We definitely recommend that you attend Comic Con at least one time in your life. It’s definitely one of New York’s premiere and most FLY events and hey let your inner child flourish. Checkout the gallery below and be sure to visit our Facebook page for full the gallery from Comic Con. 

    Photos Courtesy of SFPL’s own Bernard Beanz Smalls

    Shoutout to folks at ReedPOP and New York Comic Con for the invite.

    Stay Fly!

    FLY Events: The SFPL Takes On @NY_Comic_Con 2014 [Photos] #NYCC #NYCC14 #SFPL #StuffFlyPeopleLike You may have gotten on the train this past weekend, sat down, and saw some of your favorite superheroes, heroines, villains and television characters commuting with you.
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    Fly Music & Visuals: Danity Kane, Mary J. Blige, Jessie J., Nick Jones, Pharrell and more…

    Fly Music & Visuals: Danity Kane, Mary J. Blige, Jessie J., Nick Jones, Pharrell and more…


    Check out some good music and visuals on this good Tuesday! 


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    Last NIGHT In NYC: Tinashe’s Album Listening Party …

    Last NIGHT In NYC: Tinashe’s Album Listening Party …

    _MG_7493Last night in NYC, Team SFPL was  invited to attend Tinashe’s Album Listening at Toshi’s Penthouse at the Flatiron Hotel.


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    [Video] Tiara Thomas: “Every Woman In Her Head Is A Slut”

    Tiara Thomas (“Bad”, “One Night”) drops by “International Affair With Boss Lady” for the “Woman On Top” segment to talk female empowerment, growing into her sexuality, how “every girl in her head is a slut” and much more.

    Fly Music: BJ The Chicago Kid - “Can’t Hold My Liquor”

    Fly Music: BJ The Chicago Kid – “Can’t Hold My Liquor”

    Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 2.52.05 PM

    There is no stopping at BJ The Chicago Kid! Releasing yet another new tune, BJ brings the heat with a few bars and vocals that we all love from this young crooner. The title track is called “Can’t Hold My Liquor” which is engulfed with roaring guitar strings and synthesizers. Peep the official track below…


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    Fly Music: Maryland Lavon - “No Type”

    Fly Music: Maryland Lavon – “No Type”


    Following up her last cover, Maryland Lavon now releases a new remix to Rae Sremmurd‘s ” No Type”. ‘#Marylandmondays’ has been an incredible venture where Maryland has been able to connect with her core base fans. Check out the track below…


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    1 10.07.14

    #COS2014: Tyreses Performs “I’m Going Down”, Fantasia Sings Drake’s “Started From The Bottom”, Mary Mary Performs Hit Song “Yesterday” and more…

    In the midst, of dynamic performances at this year’s Circle of Sisters concert in New York, heavy hitters: …